New Site Launched

I have finally gotten this site ( fleshed out and launched. This particular page will feature blog entries about my musical endeavors.

As we start out 2010, I have a lot of things happening, and a lot of exciting goals for my music.  One of the things that I did right at the end of 2009 was launch a fan page on Facebook.  While I’m still working out the kinks in that system, I’m excited to see the number of fans who have already signed up, and I enjoy reading the wonderful comments left there.

I have a CD/DVD project in the works that I really hope to get released within the next few months.  I actually started recording this CD several years ago, but it has sat unfinished. It is a continuation of my spiritual/worship CD releases, following in the lines of “Ivory Worship” and “‘Tis So Sweet”. Originally, it was meant to be a replacement of both of those CDs once I left the label that I was under for those first two CDs.  But then I had the opportunity to purchase the rights to those first two projects and re-released them independently. So, the “new” project has sat while I’ve continued to market those re-releases.

The DVD portion of it is a collection of videos being authored by Tim Yerks (YerksByDesign), who has also done the artwork for my CDs. Tim has done a beautiful job of compiling nature footage with my music, and I hope to offer it as a bonus addition, packaged together with the new release when it comes out.

I also hope to record a jazz Christmas CD later this year. Currently, I’m using the working title, “Tidings of Comfort and Jazz”. This project will hopefully be a jazz quartet featuring me on piano and other musicians on guitar, bass, and drums.

This Spring I will be returning to the Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) two days a week, after taking a year off from accompanying there. I will be accompanying about eight students there, as well as performing in some other events (see the Performance Calendar).

I’m also returning to Emory & Henry College (Emory, VA) for my second semester of accompanying their monthly Music Hour and juries. This semester, I’ll also be assisting with their Musical Theatre class, accompanying and coaching there as well.

And finally in my musical plans for 2010 is my third season at Barter Theatre (Abingdon, VA). At this point, I am slated to music direct “Always…Patsy Cline”, “Violet”, and “The Full Monty” for them in this season.  If you happen to be in the southwest Virginia area this year, and would like to see one of those shows, I’d love for you to come!

I don’t know how often I’ll update this blog, but I hope to share thoughts about music, as well as recap performances and other projects in which I participate.

Until next time,

steve 🙂