New CD Promotion

Steve is releasing a new spiritual/worship CD very, very soon.  The new CD, called “Peaceful Journey”, features well-known hymns and worship songs with a subtle nature soundtrack underneath.  For a short time, you can still pre-purchase “Peaceful Journey” at a discounted pre-purchase price from Steve’s Worship Keys website.  You can also hear the first few tracks from this CD right now on Steve’s Indieheaven site.

In addition, Steve is running some promotional giveaways right here on  You can enter these by commenting on the appropriate posts.  Depending on the type of contest, a winner may be drawn at random from those that comment, or the question may require someone to get close to the correct answer in order to win.  Originally, these were offered on Steve’s Facebook Fan Page, but apparently, that is in violation of Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines, so we are moving them over here.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Additionally, please note that due to excessive spam, you must have your first comment approved by an adminstrator, after which your later comments will automatically appear as you post them.  Again, sorry for any inconvenience there!

So, on to the giveaway.  Post a comment on this post answering this question, and one winner will be chosen at random from the comments submitted.  The question (and sorry for those who already answered this on Facebook…we have to start from scratch here) is: Besides Steve Sensenig, who is your favorite pianist/keyboardist?

Comments submitted prior to 8:00 PM EDT on Sunday, October 31 will be eligible for the random drawing.  And….GO! 🙂